An original oil painting by Gilda Six hanging in the atelier of Lynda’s Couture

Fashion is sensual and sexual.  Women should be afforded the luxury of clothes that ‘complete’ them.  Their personal fashion should be an extension of their personality.  Some like to be told what looks good on them; others want to create what looks good on them.  That is applicable from your favorite pajamas to your favorite cocktail dress.  Women who are comfortable (psychologically and physically) in their clothes are more confident and outgoing.  We are here to make this happen for you.  Whether your issues are hard to fit, hard to please, or just the desire to be unique and individual, our job is to make this happen.  It is imperative that you get what you want. We start with the finest imported fabrics from the some of the top name design houses in the fashion industry.  There is a vast inventory to choose from, complimented with extensive special order capabilities for specific needs.

A preview of the extensive inventory at Lynda’s Couture

The atelier of Lynda’s Couture is located 45 miles southeast of Raleigh, NC.  Truly an unexpected delight nestled obscurely far from New York and other metropolitan areas.  It is easy to imagine you are in the heart of the garment district of New York when you walk in to the shop and are met with a vast inventory of fabric that is unsurpassed in quality and variety.  All of the designs created are a composite of some of the finest materials, buttons, and embellishments that can be found.  There are delightful and unexpected fabric treasures to be had from some of the top name design houses in the fashion business.  The fabrics are mostly imported goods from Italy, France, England, and the Orient.  Also imported from various countries, you will find buttons and embellishments of the most unique and unusual fabrications.

A design inspired by the 1951 Christian Dior exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

All of these things compile the treasure trove that Lynda pulls from to bring her designs to life.  With over 30 years of experience and numerous accomplishments under her belt, she is a very seasoned and savvy designer.  Lynda has made a study of the masters, the legacies they have left in their wake and some of their respective unique styling and techniques that have permeated fashion in the successive years.  She keeps abreast of the new designers and what they are bringing to history’s table.  You will find many books about  famous designers strewn about the atelier for clients to peruse.

A perfectionist in all aspects of the business, Lynda’s quality demanding construction methods are prevalent in every design she produces.   Her expertise combined with an acute sense of body types and style compatibility has put Lynda in demand by some of the North Carolina’s most prominent ladies.  She designed most of the state’s former First Lady, Mrs. Jim (Carolyn) Hunt’s wardrobe, including the two inaugural ball gowns for Hunt’s last 2 terms in office, also Governor Beverly Perdue as Lt. Governor and Governor.

North Carolina’s First Lady, Mrs. James B. Hunt, 3rd term inaugural ballgown
North Carolina’s First Lady, Mrs. James B. Hunt, 4th term inaugural ballgown

Governor Bev Perdue, the state’s first woman governor, also availed herself of Lynda’s talents for many campaigning wardrobe needs and also for her inaugural ball gown, which was designed very exclusively for the Governor.

North Carolina’s first woman Governor, Beverly Perdue’s inaugural ballgown

The North Carolina Museum of History has three of Lynda’s gowns in their archives and on public display at various times.


Every client is a unique individual with specific tastes and needs, just as every design produced is unique. Whether it is detail, color combination, or styling, there will be something that makes this your personal garment and different from anyone else’s. There are many ways to attain the desired goal, but the most important key to satisfaction is accurate communication understood by both the client and the artist/designer. Accurate measurements are an equally important component. Then it us up to the designer to work her magic. Every design is treated as if it were the most important advertisement the business will ever have.


If the client‘s needs are for a specific occasion, there should be conversation regarding the function to be attended or the purpose of the garment.  How does the garment need to function to achieve what you, as the client, desire?

Talk about the client’s personal tastes and their self-image in different styles is an integral piece of the conversation. The color preferences need to be compared to skin tones, hair color, and eye color. There may be suggestions made for the client to consider as an alternative to their preferences for the purpose of enhancing positive features and minimizing those that cause self- consciousness.

All that can be gleaned from this communication process will be taken into consideration and studied. Then sketches based on all of this information will be presented. At this point the client should make comments and certainly address any details or styling they are uncomfortable with. Revised sketches will then be prepared. This back and forth process continues until all of the details are satisfactorily resolved. Then the appropriate fabric must be chosen to compliment the design.


An advertisement for Rolex watches, but the jacket is the fashion statement here.
A reproduction of the jacket in the Rolex advertisement with ‘tweaks’ made to please the client

Another very satisfactory venue of this service is a reproduction of something a client may already have and wish to copy, possibly with modifications. Quite often someone is inspired by the works of others. They might like the same design but desire it in a fabric or color the original designer doesn’t offer. An existing design may be very appealing if tweaks are made so it better suits the body of the client. Perhaps some detail needs to be changed so it would appeal more to their tastes. This can be achieved by the client simply producing a picture. Than a sketch with the proposed changes will be made.

Oscar de Larenta Spring 2011
Oscar de Larenta reproduction changing color to ivory
1951 Christian Dior gown on display in the Metropolitan museum of Art
An inspired translation of the Christian Dior museum exhibit



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Chuwee Leathers is a patented, trademarked, subsidiary company to Lynda’s Couture specializing in custom, made-to-measure, high quality leather fashions. Chuwee Leathers is owned and managed by Lynda Narrone’-Bunn. You will find the high quality standards in detail, fabrication, and hides as in the creations of Lynda’s Couture. Browse the Chuwee Leather website and be amazed at the limitless possibilities of leather fashion!

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